1.    Is this soup good for prevention or just when you have a cold or Flu?


Both:  The soup has Echinacea, garlic and onion which have immunity boosting properties, therefore having the soup on a regular basis over the cold and flu season will aid in keeping your immune system up. The extra vitamin C and lemon that is added also will help your resistance to getting a cold or flu.  Lemon balm, which helps flush toxins from your body, will aid in your overall health as well.



2.    What makes the chicken flavor?


We use a vegan chicken flavored broth powder that has herbs and spices to make its “mock” chicken flavor. These ingredients include:  nutritional

yeast, brown rice, maltodextrine, sea salt, garlic, onion, turmeric, parsley, celery seed and a small amount of a soy derivative.



3.    Do you have to make the whole 1 quart of soup bag?  Can you make a cup?


We recommend that you make the whole quart of soup. The soup can be refrigerated for several days or you can put it in the freezer in a sealed container. There are some customers (especially ones who air travel) who have had success in making it by the cup by adding 2 tablespoons - 1 cup of boiling water and using their microwave to cook the soup till the rice softens a little. If you try this, make sure you shake the bag vigorously to further blend the ingredients.

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